Del Hargis


The first time I met Rola in 2007 it was obvious she was a force for good to be reckoned with. Few have the combination of talent, wisdom, intuition and pure passion to use their gifts to support people in intentionally creating breakthrough results and unleash their true potential. My life is better because Rola is both a valued friend and a trusted coach in my life.

Jim Nudelman


Rola is actually the type of professional who applies specifically what she learns to real-life situations. Her production speaks for itself, in the neighborhood an average of $6 million in volume which represented the Top 10%.

Steve O'Connor


Rola was consistently a top performer. But beyond her individual contributions, Rola was always able to elevate our entire team through her intellectual curiosity and her infectiously positive attitude. Rola approached her work with a powerful mix of humility and confidence. As a lifelong learner, Rola's belief in herself was grounded in her commitment to professional knowledge, complete preparation, and a desire to explore new perspectives.  


Robbie Hazel -VP of Sales


Rola, on behalf of Comdata, I would like to thank you for leading a tremendous sales training  during both our east and west region mid-year SKO (Sales Kick Off). 

It’s clear that your approach to mindfulness, the psychology of coaching, and your specific strategies are factors that need to be used for success in sales and life. 

Thank you for challenging and helping support our sales directors with your training. 

Christopher McDonald


I was very fortunate to be apart of a group that Rola led in a Sales Training exercise. My take away from this training is hard to measure in words. Her approach when it comes to helping sales professionals identify their goals, and then putting a plan together to achieve them by applying skills and techniques she strongly believes in was incredible. Rola's focus on the psychology behind a sales environment, identifying certain characteristics, and deploying these skills into your everyday process is extremely effective. I'd recommend her to any sales organization looking to get your team to the next level.