Rola Diab Speaker - Sales Training

Founder - Speaker - Specializing in Sales Training

Robbins Madanes Certified Coach


With 20 years of sales experience in the top 2% - 10% in three different industries, Rola has the experience to train the most seasoned sales teams and get the results to maximize performance.


All results come from 80% Psychology and 20% Strategy. 


We help with both!


Dramatic performance boosts don't come from working harder. The "quantum leaps" come from identifying patterns in behavior that are currently affecting performance and mastering specific and proven strategies to create greater success. 


To become a true leader is a learned skill and the only limits anyone faces are the limits of their own ambition. 


We teach our clients how to to use the latest sales strategies and the science of persuasion and influence to transform into the ultimate presenters and master closers. 

Benefits of our programs include:

1. 20% + Increase In Sales

2. Acquired Leadership Skills

3. Increased Confidence

4. Reduced Anxiety 

5. Rewiring Disempowering Behavior Patterns


Statistics show that 55% of salespeople don't have all the necessary skills to be successful.

This sales training is designed to identify and close those gaps while increasing seller confidence.